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Arthroscopic Bankart’s Repair

Dr. Manu Gautam specializes in Arthroscopic Bankart’s Repair, a surgical procedure aimed at addressing shoulder instability caused by a Bankart lesion, which is a tear or detachment of the labrum in the shoulder joint. This minimally invasive technique involves the use of a small camera called an arthroscope and specialized instruments to repair the damaged tissue.

During the procedure, Dr. Gautam makes small incisions around the shoulder joint and inserts the arthroscope, allowing him to visualize the inside of the joint on a monitor. He then carefully reattaches the torn labrum to the edge of the glenoid socket using sutures or anchors, restoring stability to the shoulder.

Arthroscopic Bankart’s Repair offers several advantages over traditional open surgery, including smaller incisions, less postoperative pain, faster recovery times, and reduced risk of complications such as stiffness and infection. Dr. Gautam employs advanced techniques and personalized treatment plans to optimize outcomes for each patient, aiming to restore shoulder function and improve quality of life.

With his expertise and commitment to patient care, Dr. Manu Gautam provides comprehensive evaluation, meticulous surgical technique, and compassionate follow-up care to individuals seeking relief from shoulder instability through Arthroscopic Bankart’s Repair.

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Dr. Manu Gautam

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